Our two primary goals are to teach and discover. We thus put a strong emphasis on mentoring and training the next generation of scientists. None of the people in our group would be where they are today if not for the devoted efforts of their mentors, teachers and peers. It is thus key to contribute to the great chain of scientific knowledge at every stage of one’s career. We expect all members of the lab to be kind, supportive and open to help keep the lab fun and conducive to interdisciplinary teamwork, innovation and learning.

Available positions are listed below and people from a variety of
scientific backgrounds are welcome to apply
, including, but not limited to, immunology and biological sciences, engineering, physics, chemistry and computational biology.

Postdoctoral Researchers

If you are interested in applying for a position in our group, please email us ( with (1) a cover letter describing your past and future projects, your career goals and your reasoning for choosing our group, and (2) your CV with the names, emails and phone numbers of three references.

Graduate Students

For students currently enrolled at UChicago, please email Nicolas ( to set up a time to meet and chat about you and your goals, and the science in our lab.

For students looking for a position in the Chevrier lab and not currently at UChicago, please apply to the Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering (PME) graduate program. Our lab is also affiliated with the graduate programs in Immunology and Biophysical Sciences.

Undergraduate Students

For undergraduate students at UChicago looking for a research position, please email us ( with (1) your goals, (2) an estimate of how much time you plan on dedicating to the lab, and (3) your CV including prior research experience and relevant coursework, if any (although it is not required).

Research Assistants

If you are interested in applying for a position as a technician for wet and/or dry lab work, please email us ( with a CV that details your previous lab experience and skills (experimental and/or computational), your organization and communication skills, and your career goals and timeline. Please also include the names, emails and phone numbers of three references.

Visiting Students

If you are looking for a host lab to complete a Master’s or undergraduate thesis, please email us ( with (1) your CV with the names, emails and phone numbers of three references, (2) a short statement of purpose on your research and career goals. Previous dry or wet lab research experience is a plus but not required. International students are welcome and information about visas can be found here.